Sunday, October 01, 2006

purse whimsy

This is the square accessory purse from the One Skein purse made to my 4yo's specs. We used a skein of Gedifra Algarve she got at the Boston Knit Out and added some unidentified sparkly yarn to give it some bling. She has already filled it with a handful of pennies, some tissues and a few crayons.

This is what I learned: it is very difficult to crochet even a simple project with a house filled with five children. I didn't realize until I had already sewn up both sides that I had ended with a row of DC instead of SC. I could have left it. Zara wouldn't have noticed and I doubt we're going to run into any hardliner crocheters. But it would have bothered me. So though I truly hate to undo what I've done I did it. It didn't take as long as I'd feared. Next time: I will READ the directions and CHECK my work before cutting the yarn.

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