Monday, February 01, 2010

Mr.Greenjeans complete

I told my friend Allison and Bonnie that I wanted to knit a sweater this year, so they challenged me to a race. First one done gets a prize from the other two. Who could resist such a challenge? We all used the same yarn, but different patterns. Mine is Mr. Greenjeans from
I wanted something with special details but knit from the top down to avoid seaming, which I hate because I don't really know how to do it. I also knew from all my reading is that the advantage of top down is that you can try it on as you go to make sure the size is right. That's a great idea if you know what the heck you are doing, which I don't. I tried it on at several points and it always seemed fine. Except that it really wasn't. It's too big. Not a lot too big, maybe a size or so. I will admit that I didn't actually check measurements - I just assumed I should use the size I usually wear.
I modified the collar, making it a shawl collar using short rows. It doesn't fold over like it should and keeps coming around to being flat. I wonder if I should have done the short rows at the edge of the collar instead of closer to the body?
I'm also not terribly pleased with where the button falls. It's not quite as flattering to my body type as I had hoped. This is one of the disadvantages of not being able to try on a style before you spend hours and hours knitting it!
Overall, however. I love the color and the yarn is wonderfully soft and warm.
I am also thrilled to be done. which I am only because of the motivation of my friends. Being in a race helped me stay focused and put off other projects that would otherwise have distracted me.
I am now more determined than ever to figure out how to design my own patterns. So often, I like some of this one and some of that one. I want to become proficient in putting all the pieces together.
Oh, and by the way, yes - I did "win" :)


Bonnie D. said...

It turned out fabulous, Jen. Once Allison and I finish, we each have to get a modeled shot of our sweaters and somehow turn them into one "group" photo.

Dorothy said...

It's really pretty! If it's too big though, and you don't like the button, can you just take it off, and overlap the sides, securing with a shawl pin? (Does that at all make sense?)