Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving

Ravelry seems to have taken over the knitting world. And I love it for many reasons, but it has pulled people - including me - away from our blogs and that I don't like. I enjoyed being able to catch up with the lives of my cyber friends. I had a good little circle going. Now, I'm out of touch. We're on Facebook, but that doesn't accomodate the long updates and doesn't seem to engender much by way or a knitting discussion. Ravelry forums are good for discussions, but not great for catching up. So here I am again.

I am once again faced with the realization that Christmas is just weeks away and that suddenly I have a desire to knit bunches of presents for people. I probably don't have the time and I am now obsessing about pattern and yarn and the clock is ticking and ticking. I just have to somehow convince the over enthusiastic part of me who seems to have no sense of time that world peace does not rest on my success at knitting the perfect present for everyone in my life.

My plans right now are simply an orange scarf for my cousin who joked long ago about me knitting him one to replace one he'd lost. The challenge was that what he described was bright traffic cone orange. This is a tough color to find in an acceptable yarn - one that is soft, machine washable and not cheap acrylic. Finger's crossed, I found it on mail order.

Then there will be a pair of green mittens. This was supposed to be a green hat, but then I found out the intended recipient doesn't really like knitted hats - she's more of a bowler gal. I could felt one, but the yarn I have is washable!

And maybe, just maybe, pink felted slippers for the girls. I have to first find a pattern I like well enough and then find the time.

Also maybe, some knitted tree ornaments. The likes of which I've made one. Very cute, very easy, but still takes time.

The other photo is of the sky in my little town shortly before our annual Christmas Tree lighting.


Anonymous said...

Ooh. I like the new blog look and glad to see you back here again.

Lisa L said...

I think the new look is great too! And you are so right about Ravelry and Facebook. I'm the first to admit it. I must try to do better!