Monday, July 25, 2011

20 wishes

I've been thinking a lot lately about taking care of "me." It's something that gets lost in the shuffle. There is always so much to do for everyone else and in taking care of them I am taking care of me. It feels selfish to think about taking care of me - as if I run the risk of neglecting everyone else. But I'd be the first one to tell my friends that they should be taking care of themselves (in fact I'd be the first one to take care of them LOL). With this as background, I was intrigued by another blogger's post that I randomly came across about making 20 wishes for herself and herself alone.
She's got some great pictures of the beautiful tags that she made to go with her wishes.

I'm thinking I will do this -but not all at once.

My first wish is to draw better. I've always loved to draw and I think I do okay but I've never quite been satisfied and then I stopped drawing because I have so much else going on.

Come to think of it, a lot of my immediate wishes are about doing things better. While that's good on one hand, it's also my subtle way of putting myself down. So I'm adding one rule - nothing about "getting better."

I wish to fill a sketchbook with fun drawings
I wish to get a sweet camera and lens
I wish to travel to Mexico to see ancient ruins
I wish to travel to Kenya to see where my husband was in the Peace Corp
I wish to take my younger daughters to Paris (and my older ones if they're interested)

There's more, but I want to move a little slowly to think these through thoroughly.

I wish for you that all your wishes could come true.

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pedalpower said...

I love that you are doing this too....and that you are taking your time to think it out. I hope your wishes come true. And I like your new rule. What a great way to keep it positive!