Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A momma's love

How cool is this - I love yarn and my mom loves me so she goes all over the world and gets me yarn!

This is from Tibet. She found on a whirlwind two week trip through China. My mom, who doesn't speach Chinese, went out to the market place far from the hotel on a rickshaw pulled by a very elderly gentlemen. She'd had a guide write down what she was looking for. At the market, someone found someone who led her all around and finally up the stairs of one of the buildings where she found this yarn. They threw in two sets of long double point needles that may or may not match with the yarn. After all that she managed to get back to the hotel and eventually back to Wisconsin.

I'm not sure what it's made of. I'm not sure what needles to use. I'm not even sure how much I have. I am sure I will have fun figuring it all out. I'm thinking of something lacey to accentuate the yarn.


your secret pal said...

I am so jealous!!!! You get yarn from all over the world! I'm lucky if I can make it to the yarn shop. BTW how is the shawl coming along from the hubby yarn?

Quail Hill Knits said...

What a good mom! It is obvious that she loves you very much since she will trek all over strange countries in search of fiber.

Lisa L said...

What a wonderful tale! Your mother is certainly a trooper!