Friday, November 02, 2007

Comfort Scarf

This is a sort of prayer shawl that I knitted for myself. Only along with the prayers, I knitted in the memories of my dear grandmother.

The yarn is handmade by my good friend Lori Bird, now living in Maine, who sent it to me as a surprise. It sat for a long time on my desk being adored even though I knew it was destined to for a remarkable pattern from my calendar.

It came with me on the flight to Wisconsin for my grandmother's funeral. It was a color she would have loved and I know she would have been impressed with the pattern. The yarn is so soft, it was soothing to work with. The pattern was just challenging enough to hold my attention and yet let my mind ponder the remarkable life of my grandmother and wander through my memories of her.

In fact, I enjoyed the pattern so much, I was a little sad to come to the end the project. It was like saying goodbye to a new good friend. Of course, I'm happy to have the scarf to wear, especially now that the weather is turning cold.

The pattern is a version of the dragon scale. I swapped a seed sitch border for garter stitch.

Having now actually knit with Lori's yarn, I can highly recommend it, and it's available at her etsy shop.


loribird said...

Oh, it looks so great! I love the yarn in that pattern!

Bashirs Momma said...

Beautiful scarf, lovely sentiments, and a wonderful tribute. I love the lace... and the handspun yarn looks... delicious!

stickchick said...

That is a beautiful scarf and a lovely way to honor your grandmother. It will be like a warm hug everytime you touch it or wear it. What a lovely idea to wrap your ideas in.

I am sorry for your loss, but what a wonderful way embrace the healing.

Janice said...

What a beautiful scarf and how wonderful to have it be a reminder of your grandmother and all of the wonderful memories you have of her!