Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

The ghosts and the goblins are ready to rumble - or at least make a grab for a whole lot of candy. The excitement in our house is visible - not a child can contain it. Costumes and candy and candy and candy.

This is my 2yo "Vitch." She wouldn't stop twirling long enough for me to get a decent pic. Her shirt reads "Ghouls just want to have fun." The three characters on above the words are "a vitch, a ghost and a mumma," she says.

Thankfully, the weather is warm for October and there is nary a rain drop in site. The pumpkins are carved and set on the step with care in hopes that St. Nick soon will be there... oops, wrong holiday. That other one is coming all too soon.

Meanwhile, my mom is learning to knit - big grin! She's doing great but I think she's finding it to be a struggle. If you ever want to get a sense of how far you've come as a knitter - watch a beginner. It's like watching a kid learn to walk. You can lead, guide and direct but you can't make their hands do what they need to do. It didn't click with me right away. I found it to be hard but interesting enough to keep my attention. It was a double ribbed scarf that got me totally hooked. Maybe it was the sensual nubby yarn. Maybe it was the steady pattern. Maybe my heart just grew three sizes that day. I was out shopping with my family and I asked to be left in the car with the sleeping baby so I could knit while they browsed the after-Christmas specials. That's when my dh knew I was a goner - I chose knitting over shopping! Anyway, "Go mom!"


Janice said...

Very cute little 'vitch' you have!!
Yeah for your knitting mom! I'm waiting for my mom to decide it's time to learn...

Allison said...

Ewww - pumpkin guuuuu! Go Mom, Go Mom, Go Mom. Tell her to hang in there. When I first started I thought I'd never get my hands to do it. Even after my first project I wasn't totally hooked. But then . . . . the rest be history.

ninou77 said...

very cute "Vitch" your daughter is!^^

I think this Halloween day was a very joyful day for your family! Great!

My mom knitted when I was a baby... but now.. she prefers to sew clothes!!

Holly Jo said...

Very lovely vitch you have. :)

Hope everyone had a nice Halloween and recovered from the sugar nicely.

Hooray for your mom! Hopefully the knitting you do is motivation for her to struggle through the awkwardness.