Saturday, February 07, 2009

Knitting popular cultural reference

Here is a sign of how much knitting has penetrated popular culture. Note this passage from an article in the January 2009 Scientific American issue all about evolution. The article is about how some medical problems we have are due to how our bodies evolved from fish:

"The major bones in human knees, backs and wrists arose in aquatic creatures hundreds of millions of years ago. Is it any surprise, then, that we tear cartrilage in our knees and suffer carpal tunnel syndrome as we type, knit or write? Our fish and amphibian ancestors did not do these things."

This leads me to wonder - does the author knit? Is he married to a knitter? Are there other knitters in his life? Do they suffer from carpal tunnel?

What would a fish knit if a fish could knit? There is a children's story about a hand knit sock that goes missing and ends up being used as a sleeping bag for a fish.

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Allison said...

Of course fish would knit if they could! They would choose sea silk by Hand Maiden and thier styles would be off da hook!