Monday, March 02, 2009

headband heart ache

For Valentine's Day, DH left town, headed for the Congo. As consolation, he left me a gift certificate to the yarn shop. I splurged on some lovely pink angora - soft, soft, soft - just like I've been dreaming about.

I started with a head band. Since it was VDay, I made one from the One Skein Wonders book that had the XO cable and with hearts on the inside. It just happened to be made out of the exact yarn I bought.

I will say that this is quite possibly the most confusing pattern I have ever encountered. It's made in one, wide piece and then folded in half. On one side is the cable pattern, which is over 16 rows and the other is the hearts, which is over 12 rows. Fortunately, they're both pretty easy to memorize so it wasn't too bad after several repeats. The color is perfect. The head band is warm. But here's the problem:

It slips down over my eyes. I am almost constantly having to push it back up again!

It's not that it's too loose. It might be that it's too tight, but not by much if that's the problem. It might be that the yarn is too slippery. I don't know what to do. I really like it, but I can't stand having to fuss with it. I could pick up stitches and turn it into a hat. I could frog and try a different pattern (I certainly had to frog plenty of times while knitting).

This had kind of stymied my progress on other projects with this yarn. I'm thinking of a scarf or maybe just a neck gaitor - have I mentioned how soft it is? I just want to have it right near my

I made the headband in part because my hair had gotten so long and scraggly that I was forced
to wear it in a pony tail that didn't look good with a hat. But I can say good by to the pony tails for awhile - I have a new short and sassy do! :)


Bonnie D. said...

LOVE the new do!! I think the headband is just a smidge too small. It is falling forward because you are wearing it too far forward which is likely because it is too small. That's my guess. It is so cute, however, and I love the yarn!

ninou77 said...

I like this headband! It's a pity it's too big!! The yarn looks very soft!!
i try to keep knitting but I had some projects in sewing and crocheting for the swap and PIF...But I plan to do some clothes for the baby!
Where are you in the North roe shawl?