Tuesday, March 31, 2009

yeah for Socks!

I have to admit that I am becoming totally addicted to hand made socks. For one things, the teenagers wouldn't dream of "borrowing" them so they come back to me when I put them through the wash. They're comfortable They actually draw complements from people - I think it's funny that people would notice socks, but they do. Most importantly, perhaps, they're just plain fun to knit. Except for the heels - I'm still grooving on the heels. I'm don't break out into hives when it's time to do them anymore, but I still feel a little shakey. I was worried about the bind off, but I found a new method that was a piece o' cake:

Knit 2, put the stitches on the left hand needle and knit them together. Knit one, put the two stitches onto the left hand needle and knit them together. That was the instruction. What I did a little differently is to purl the purls of my k1p1 rib. It seemed to look just a little smoother, although I'm not sure it would matter.

These were knit two at a time on a long circular - this is my absolute favorite way to make them. It looks really impressive while you're working on them even though it's not very hard and you have both done at once. Here's a little secret - I haven't actually woven in the top ends yet. I wasn't sure if I've made them tall enough so I'm trying them out.


Lisa L said...

Woo hoo! They look great!

Allison said...

They look great - congratulations!

Holly Jo said...

Very nice. You are right. Two socks at one time does look very impressive. :) Is it still mindless or do you really have to concentrate to make sure you don't mix yarns ends?

Dorothy said...

Very cute! I'm knitting a sock myself right now (one sock, dpns. I haven't graduated to cooler methods yet.) I'm surprised the teens don't steal them outright!