Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Join me in the Happy Dance

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I have finally arrived at the end of a long, long, long journey that proves if you keep moving you will get there eventually even if there are several setbacks along the way. I think I spent as much time unknitting this as I did knitting it!

I started it well over a year ago. It was a Secret of the Stole - clues and rows revealed weekly. Somehow, I fell behind - way behind. When everyone else was wrapping themselves up in their lacy beauty to go off to New Year's Eve parties, I was still struggling along - knitting and then unknitting trying to follow the complicated pattern.

Part of the problem was tha I kept getting side tracked by other, simpler projects that I could actually get done in days or weeks, not months or years.

I kept at it, however, sometimes knitting just two rows at a time (one complicated, one straight purl) I thought for sure I'd have it for last New Year's Eve - but no.

I learned so much from this project - like how to read a chart, how to read my knittng and how to correct knitting several rows back. Now I'm going to have to learn how to close up a hole - the one I made months ago during one of those frogging sessions! I found it when I was blocking - actually when I was taking pictures to post. The best I can figure is that it was a failed k2tog or ssk. I think fixing it will involve some sort of duplicating stitch. Well, at least it should be done by this coming New Year's Eve!
It's blocking on a set of my children's foam blocks. How convenient that they just recently dragged them up from the basement to play with!


Holly Jo said...

That is a big HOORAY for you! It looks beautiful. The magic of blocking, huh?

cousin alice :) said...

How Beautiful, and just in time for your birthday! thinking of you!!!

Deborah said...

I am so thrilled that you stuck with it! Your stole looks beautiful...Congratulations!

Lisa L said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It looks fantastic!

Bonnie D. said...

Congratulations, Jen! It looks fantastic. I can't believe you had the stamina to finish this. I would have given up months ago! LOL

BTW, I also block on my son's old foam block pieces. They work great.