Tuesday, June 02, 2009

what I would have bought

A few posts back, I mentioned a site called futureme.org where you can send an email to yourself to be delivered in the future. I lamented that you can't send one to your past self like this - buy three skeins of the Cascade 200 in green and a few in pink and blue while it's on sale. No, I had no way of knowing then that I might discover a pattern for what is quite possibly the cutest crocodile ever on the Twist Collective!
Perhaps I could send an email to future me - if you find Cascade 220 on sale - remember the crocodile pattern.


Allison said...

Oh the possibilities of what I could tell past me. But future me is totally going to make these guys. I'm waivering on the hoodie - it's so cute but I know it won't stay on the croc for long - is it worth the work?

Holly Jo said...

Oh, man. Those are cute.