Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Run baby Run

No knitting last night - just a lot of running.

DH and I completed a 5k in Marblehead.

It's the race that almost wasn't. The new clerk at the Burger King didn't know she was supposed to get the small coffe I ordered (for DH) and so we were delayed 5, 10 minutes. Which shouldn't have mattered, but we hit traffic (mad traffic, according to DD15). We arrived in Marblehead at 6:18 for a race that started at 6:25. We had to park a 10 minute walk away. Being as capable as anyone of the math, it was clear that we would have to run to the startline! Uphill.

DH ran ahead to get us registered. I realized I had to go to the bathroom - as in I am not going to be able to start let alone finish the race. I was relieved (get it) to see a line of port-o-potties. I formally apologize to all of those in the very long line that I did not see as I dashed into one of said port o-potties when someone popped out. (These were the runners getting ready for the 10K, which started after the 5K).

We heard the gun go off just as a kind woman was instructing us on how to use the new fangled electronic tracking system that attaches to your shoe. We dashed off crossing the start line well past all the other runners.

Thankfully, there were a lot of walkers so I didn't end up at the end of the race for the entire time. I managed to even catch a few (slow) runners.

About half way through, I was ready to join the walkers, but I managed to talk myself into continuing. If I can finish the Secrets of the Stole, I told myself, certainly I can finish this race!

I wasn't even demoralized when the 10K runners came rushing past me at about mile 2, bless their speedy hearts.

In the end, I would call it a success. Of course, my only goal this time was to actually finish the race. Maybe next year I'll try to finish in the top two-thirds!


Lisa L said...

Woo hoo!

Holly Jo said...

You go, girl! Was it hot? I guess not that early in the morning....