Saturday, August 08, 2009

Sew it's done

One day several months ago, I mentioned to my good blogging friend Bonnie how much I loved the skirt she made. She kindly offered me her extra fabric.

Apparently, I've been watching a few too many Project Runways. Who needs a pattern? I had a vision - a side slit skirt with buttons to hold it together. I've sewn enough to know the basic principles, but there was still the little matter of figuring out what pieces at what sizes. The mock up came out great. So the skirt should have been a pice of cake, right? Well, not so much. It didn't help that I stopped in the middle for a few weeks and forgot what I meant to do with all the pieces.
I discovered that I have achieved a new found patience from knitting. I was okay with undoing things to fix them - mostly because it's so much faster to redo them than in knitting!
Mostly I'm glad I finished before the end of summer!

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