Monday, September 14, 2009

Crock of Success

My children were beginning to doubt me. DH was getting ready for a big old "I told you so." But urged on by supportive friends and family, I persevered on the crock pot front, and by golly, we finally have a hit!
A BIG one. As in everyone loves this dish. As in the teenager said it's "the bomb" which is about the highest complement she has available to her at this point in life.
(Never mind that roast beef costs about four times what we normally spend on meat for dinner and that we ate nearly the whole thing so I can't really justify it saying we'll get two meals out of it.)
It's the beef roast slow cooker dinner from the Food Nanny book. I'm not sure what's more amazing - that the small kids liked it or that I did since I'm not generally a non-hamburger beef eater.
I consider this a double score because I bought it as a used book last summer while on vacation. And although I've enjoyed reading it, I had yet to actually make a recipe from it.
Not that I haven't wanted to. There many that sound absolutely delicious. I just hadn't made the leap from reading them to putting them into practice.
The book breaks thing down into themed nights, which seems like a fun way to organize dinner.
Aside from the recipes, it's a fun book to peruse. There are lots of tidbits on the background of the recipes as well as fun conversation starters.


Holly Jo said...

Congratulations!!! Roast beef. I'll have to check it out.

Danielle said...

It sounds great!

You won the contest on my blog. Could you send me your address? :)