Wednesday, September 02, 2009

School Days and making the grade

With school starting up again, I can' t help but think about whether I'm making the grade as a parent.

I made sure she was reading all summer long, but we didn't keep a proper writing log. Also, she didn't read off the "suggested" list since what she chose was more difficult than what was recommended. C+? B-?

I set aside her name tag that her teacher asked her to wear on the first day, but we forgot to put it on her! I found the paperwork I was supposed to fill out and filled it out, but then couldn't find it when it was time to go to school. I think that's pretty much an F on both of those assignments. However, I did send her with a backpack of all supplies but the notebook. I even had the box of tissues to share with the class. Also, I think I get bonus points for sending her in with a bird's nest. And, we sent the teacher a post card from our Wisconsin vacation. On top of that, her hair was brushed, her lunch was packed (including 50 cents for milk) and she has new tennis shoes. I think that should be enough for at least a B overall, right? I also rememembered the camera and we were on time - that should be worth some extra credit too. B+? A-?

Maybe parenting should just be a pass/fail?

I worry about how the impression I give as a parent will affect how the teacher views my kid. Will she think my dd is a dope because I'm not completely organized? Will the birds nest make up for the lack of a name tag? Does the fact that we didn't do the optional summer reading give the impression that she won't be a hard-driving motivated student?

Do I worry about all of this too much? Probably. It's just that I only get one shot at it and I want to be perfect for her or at least really, really good. She's a great kid and she deserves that much.


LauraLynne said...

oh! this chokes me up. first day of school is HUGE. and your worries are like all mothers' worries: have we done enough? the answer is of course that we have done the best we could have done and we have loved our children totally. A plus, jen!

Dorothy said...

Her teeth were brushed and she was dressed? You get an A! :)

Holly Jo said...

She looks happy to go. That makes for an A in my book. :) Any teacher who judges you, doesn't have kids and should come spend a morning at your household. :)