Thursday, December 14, 2006

Funky Chunky Charmer

I am generally a play-by-the rules kind of girl. But I’m learning that knitting isn’t about following the rules. It’s about taking off and exploring and trying new things.

I hesitated at first because I just wanted to get things done. I hated the idea of having to undo hours (or even minutes) of work. I hated the idea of spending loads of time on a project only to decide it wasn’t quite right.

But then my secret pal sent me this great chunky yarn. It knits up so quickly that I didn’t mind undoing the work if I didn’t like the way it was turning out.

First I tried the lace pattern I’d used the last scarf. The holes didn’t show up very well, so I scrapped that idea. Next I tried a basket weave pattern – first with groups of 3 and then with groups of 4. I liked it, but it didn’t seem quite right. Then I tried a wide stripe. It looked good, but wasn’t quite fancy enough. Then I remembered the ruffled edge I’d made on a dolls dress. The yarn begged to become a long skinny scarf with a ruffled edge. Despite all the starts and restarts, I finished it in one night.

The yarn is Berger du Nord Colorado, Colour 11 (100 percent wool) Any bulky yarn could substitute.

Gauge: 2 stitches per inch on size 15 needles

66 yards of yarn (more for longer scarf)

Here’s the pattern:
(Made in two halves)
Co 16
Knit for 4 rows
K2 together across (8 stitches)
K1 P1 across for a single rib pattern
Repeat in rib pattern until scarf is half the length you want the scarf to be.
Leave the stitches on a spare needle or stitch marker
Make the other half the same way.
Join the two halves using a kitchner stitch or preferred method.

You could make it wider by adding stitches in multiples of two or try it with different yarns in a different guage. You could also hold two yarns together for a varied effect.


Janice said...

I love the ruffle on the end of the scarf...What a great idea. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

monica said...

That is a beautiful yarn and a very nice scarf.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! The yarn looks beautiful knit up!