Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pics for post below

Merry Christmas

Christmas is coming wicked fast (as we say around here). I was way far ahead and now I'm way far behind - how did that happen? At least I've managed to finish the one gotta present - a mistake rib scarf with a ruffled edge and an unoriginal hat (yarn harlot pattern.) The yarn is Webs Valley - very nice to work with. Two for the scarf, one for the hat.

The knitted crock will likely have to wait a bit longer. I have a backup present ready to go just in case.

I would dearly, dearly love to finish a lace scarf I've been working on, but with each row taking 90 minutes, it's unlikely.

Hope your fingers are flying and that you're having fun!

(pic to follow if I can talk blogger into it!)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

note to self about home made coffee mocha

Note to self (and anyone else who likes chocolate coffee): It is not a good idea to put a packet of hot chocolate mix in with the coffee grounds while brewing coffee. It does work out wonderfully well, however, to put said mix in the coffee pot.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Christams Season has begun

For us, Christmas unofficially begins after Halloween and with the the official launch on the day after Thanksgiving. It's just too big of a holiday for one day. Above is what Massachusetts looked like this morning. One day we had record warm temperatures and the next day it was snowing. It's amazing how exciting a little bit of snow can be for a couple of little girls who are already jazzed up about Christmas. This is our Christmas tree - or at least it might be in a few years. As it was, we went to a place where we could cut our own only to find that the place had been over cut and they had to ship in trees from other farms! They had them all propped up and you got to walk around holding a saw as if you were going to cut one down. They even had a tractor that would give you rides as if you were going to the fields where you would cut the tree. They're growing trees as fast as they can and hopefully they'll have more soon. Now, on to the celebrating....