Sunday, April 20, 2008

I went shopping today for some clothes for my upcoming trip - I encountered a shrug very much like what I was thinking of knitting. First I was a little demoralized because I know how many hours it would have taken me to make it and there it was on sale for just $20 - the yarn would cost me more! Then I tried it on - I'm not so sure I'm the shrug type. I suppose it's better to find that out now rather than after I've spent said hours. I also saw a darling, intricate lace and cable sweater that looks very much like one I've been thinking of knitting in a lovely shade of light blue. Hmmm. I'd know before hours click and clacking if or not it would fit. I could even pass it off as my own work - not that I would ever do that! Sadly, I found no comfortable, fashionable shoes - which I can't knit no matter how much time I have!


monica said...

Well you could knit and felt some clogs but I am sure they are probably not the fashion style you have in mind, but they would be comfy.

I am not much a shrug person either. I think they look cute but I just don't find them comfortable.

Holly Jo said...

It has got to be nerve wracking to shop for clothes to go on a trip that you are planning. :)

Too bad you couldn't get photos in the shrug. We could have told you if you are shrug person or not. :)