Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Socks

I received the nicest compliment today. I wore my new stripey socks to a business meeting. My client not only noticed them, she told our designer that my socks made her happy!

I guess it was worth the months that it took me to make them. I could have gotten them done faster, but they were mainly a take along project. I'm very happy with the short row heels - this was my best attempt ever. The method that I used called for using markers rather than relying on counting - much better. I also took the trouble to make sure the stripes match. I totally support knitters who don't need to bother with that step, but for me personally, I'm happier with matching stripes.
I usually like ankle socks, but now that I'm wearing them, I think maybe longer is better for hand knit socks. Next pair - which I will cast on in December.
I'm at 18,651 words on my novel - behind, but still within hope of finishing by the end of November. It is really hard in the evening when I have just a couple of hours before bed and I have to choose writing over knitting. The reality is, this novel will never come to be if I don't and I have some characters who are demanding that their story be told.


Janice said...

They are very 'happy' socks!! I do LOVE handknit socks. The trick is finding good shoes to wear that shows them off! (Yours are great!!) Keep plugging away at the novel. If you ever need a proof reader, I'm available ;-)

Holly Jo said...

You can do it! It is hard to get anything done for you when there are only a couple hours in a day for yourself.

They are happy socks. I agree about handknit socks needing to be longer. However, if you like ankle socks, try a yarn with a little bit of elastic in it.

Agua said...

Hey, I've got socks made of the same yarn! Actually I'm wearing them right now. The colors really make people smile :)