Friday, February 27, 2009

The Queen of Yarn

I've decided to claim the title of Queen of Yarn or Yarn Queen for short. Not that I've done anything in particular to deserve it. I'm a good knitter, but not especially great when compared to those who really are. But I do love to knit and I don't believe anyone else has laid claim to the title. Of course, I haven't actually gone to the trouble of even doing a Google search to be sure.

What does being the Queen of Yarn entitle me to? Well, I get to rule over all the yarn in my house of course. I can make anything of it that I want. To the extent that I am actually capable of doing that, which is not always as much as I would like.

Maybe someday I'll be good enough to extend my rule beyond the borders of my four (or so since the house isn't a square) walls and rein over yarn in other places.

I will be a benevolent queen sharing freely what I learn - sometimes whether people want me to or not, although I try to refrain from giving advice not given.

In claiming this title, I in no way am declaring that I am a knitting expert or implying that I am better than anyone else. I just want an excuse to wear a tiara. Now I suppose I should go knit one, right?

1 comment:

Holly Jo said...

You know there is a pattern, right? :) Make Believe Crown. Ravel it. Though you might have to share it with others in the house... :)