Sunday, March 15, 2009

a little knitting, a big trip to the Zoo

Spring is coming! I'm absolutely certain of it. We've had two - count them - two warm weekends in a row! Last one entailed a trip to the zoo for a little photo Safari - these were taken by the 6 yo (except for the one she is in - that's the goat) Knitting is happening - I've managed one heel of a a pair of socks without too much trouble (yeah). Now I have to get psyched for the other.

I'm also contemplating seriously designing my own sweater. It's a big leap maybe - I've made one for myself and a few others for little people. But here's the thing - I really like the idea of avoiding seaming (I'm really not good at it!) The patterns I've seen that I like involve seaming. Therefore, it seems I have no choice but to design my own. For guidance I will have a book called Custom Knits (deserves the 5 stars it has on Amazon). Plus, I saw a Knitty Gritty episode in which the designer showed how to design a sweater. Any suggestions? Any cautions?


Allison said...

love the zoo photos! Your mention of your "friend" in the swiffer post cracks me up. Check out my blog - I nominated you for an award!

hasbu said...

Lovely photos! It's starting to feel like spring here, too.

As for the sweater, I'd go top down.

Holly Jo said...

You can design it! Knitting from the Top is excellent book for designing your own sweater. I also heard the Sweater Workshop is good too. Your library would have both because they are kind of old - don't be dissuaded by the covers. :)