Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sew long

I've gotten better in recent years about letting go of material that I don't think I'll ever use and yet there are still piles of it. Some of it is material I bought for a particular project that never happened. The rest is left overs - some large pieces some just bits and pieces. "You never know..." I think and leave it in the closet.

Maybe it's an unreasonable fear of not having something I'll need. Maybe I feel richer in being surrounded by stuff. Maybe it's a weak hope that having stuff will spark creativity. I think, however, it's doing just the opposite. I think I'm so bound by what I have that I'm not open to what I could have. If I haven't made the skirt in five (six?) years am I really ever going to? And isn't it out of style now already? I have two of those. Then there's the dress and top in a gorgeous burgundy - again, 5, 6 years? Maybe. But the small fleece squares I cut up for a quilt? In looking at them today I realized I'm still uninspired by them. Even worse, I feel slightly inadequate because I can't visualize turning them into an awe inspiring creation! Maybe it's time to let go.

Still it's hard, these things, these potential crafts are like my security blanket. I feel comforted thinking I can just reach into my closet and get what I need. But really, they aren't what I need and haven't been for awhile.

This tug-of-war that goes on over stuff is interesting to me. I know in my head that I can be happier with less. I've successfully decluttered before. There have been a few things I wish I'd kept, but I can't think of one right now, so how important could it have been?

On a side note - this may look like a picture of nothing special - but it is really a picture of hours and hours of puzzling and trying and retrying to thread the !@#$%^&*()__*&^^%$ serger! DH bought it for me 5 years ago after years of my lusting for one. Then 2 years ago, the now 3 yo mucked up the threads. What does it say about my life that it took me this long to getting around to fixing it! It's sort of done. At least I've got it to wrap threads around the edge of a cloth. Something's not quite right since it's not a smooth, even stitch. Maybe you can see in the middle of the picture. Regardless, I'm overjoyed to be this far along.


Bonnie D. said...

Oh how I hate threading my serger!!!!

I have a suggestion for you though. Take your serger in for annual servicing (I suspect you have not done that in quite some time.) They will not only clean it up and get it working properly but they will re-thread it and get all the tensions correct at the same time.

Jknits said...

What a great idea! I've never had it serviced since I never used it enough.