Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas

Christmas is coming wicked fast (as we say around here). I was way far ahead and now I'm way far behind - how did that happen? At least I've managed to finish the one gotta present - a mistake rib scarf with a ruffled edge and an unoriginal hat (yarn harlot pattern.) The yarn is Webs Valley - very nice to work with. Two for the scarf, one for the hat.

The knitted crock will likely have to wait a bit longer. I have a backup present ready to go just in case.

I would dearly, dearly love to finish a lace scarf I've been working on, but with each row taking 90 minutes, it's unlikely.

Hope your fingers are flying and that you're having fun!

(pic to follow if I can talk blogger into it!)

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