Sunday, November 19, 2006

Baby days

A baby has arrived. My cousin gave birth to a little girl, Kayla Ray. That can mean only one thing - all other projects must come to a screeching halt to make way for a sweater, booties and hat to the new little one.

It was the perfect excuse to try the baby sweater in the Mason Dixon book. It took a weekend of intense but broken knitting. The sweater is Peaches and Cream knit on size 6. I added a crochet picot trim - sc;* sc, chain 3, sc; sc* repeat from * to*.
The crocheted hat and booties are Caron So Soft using a pattern from Bev's Country Cottage

This is the hat pattern:
And for the booties:
The flower on the hat is from Hooked on Crochet.

I've learned this about baby things - it's great to find an easy, quick hat and bootie pattern that you can whip up quick when you need a baby present.

On the sweater - it's a great pattern for the most part. It's quick and fun. The only problem I found is that I ran out of room in the front before I had enough stitches to match the back. Next time I'd add an inch. The other problem was that I really didn't have enough of the pink or the multi color. I tried to turn that into a positive by mixing the two.

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Allison said...

Oh my gosh those are so adorable! I can't belive you knit them up so fast and on a size 6 needle no less! She's going to love them and look so cute in her ensemble.