Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Felting fun

I dislike swatching because I hate wasting effort. So instead of just making a square, I made a small coin purse to go with the purse I'm makng. I happily found out that the yarn will felt beautifully. I can hardly wait to tackle the tote from the knit along:
The yarn is Nature Wool by Araucania based in Chile. The color is 49. It's a lovely verigated pink. There are no dye lots so the recommendation is to knit with two hanks, switching every two rows. I'm knitting with two strands held together, so it doesn't matter. It shrunk about 30 percent during felting.


knitnut said...

Your coin purse is very nice. What a great idea. How are you going to close the coin purse? Zipper? Very cute. Great job and good use of swatch. How big did you make this before felting? I would love to make one to match a felted purse. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

What an excellent idea!


Janice said...

Great idea making a coin purse for a swatch! You will love the KnotSewHobo bag... I am finishing the strap on my second one... can't wait to felt it!!