Monday, November 06, 2006

Faceless Names

At long last, my teddy bear has a face. He was knitted more than a year ago, but the face eluded me. He was so cute and I didn't want to ruin him with a bad face. He sat on my bureau for months just not staring at me because he had no eyes! The break through came with the buttons. I came across some shiny black buttons I'd taken off a worn out dress and they seemed about perfect. I decided it was finally time. Afterall, it's only a face - it's not like I couldn't take it off and put on a new one if it didn't work out. Now the bear needs a name.


amy said...

He (or is it a she?) is too cute! Do you have a pattern for it? I think the best name is Applesauce.

Jknits said...

The pattern is a free one from Berroco. The company has them for several different yarns - I think this was Chinchilla. It's virtually the same for all of them. It does involve short rows - they are a little intimidating, but not too bad if you keep careful track of where you are.