Friday, December 08, 2006

beaded beauty

This is lovely beaded hat knitted from the kit sent to me by my fab Secret Pal 9 pal. I learned that I love knitting with beads!

I think this about the pattern - it looks nice to have the beads on the rolled up brim, but you have to stop before the roll starts or you'll have cold beads resting on your forehead. On the hat I thought I was altering the beads, but I realized after I was done that they lined up so I must have lost count somewhere. I still like it. I would definitely try this again and highly recommend it.

BTW - I usually wear the hat - my 1.5 yo was clowning for the camera.

Speaking of my Secret Pal - a wonderful package arrived today filled with items to pamper my poor weather-worn feet, some great blue and green BIG wool that will make a great scarf to complement my hat.(?) And "One Skein Wonders" a book I just happen to have had my eye on! And she remembered the kids with packs of candy including "Angel Kisses," "Bah Humbugs" (gummy bugs) "Worm Wishes for the Holidays" (gummy worms) "Reindeer Noses" (cinnamon drops) and "Elf Pillows" (square peppermint candies)

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Janice said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful secret pal!! The hat is wonderful.. I haven't knit with beads yet...but it is intriquing!! You're 1.5 yo is also adorable.....