Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The eight-hour four-hour scarf

This scarf is from the Knitted Gifts, a book I highly recommend. The project is supposed to take four hours, but that doesn’t account for having to start over several times and take out rows because of having dropped or added a stitch. What I liked/hated about working with this yard (Rowan Kidsilk Night) is that shows every stitch. Mistakes are obvious, but then so are the loops of the stitches. It’s like seeing the bones of knitting. It’s a great way to understand how the loops fit together.

I made the scarf longer than the one in the book because my non-knitting husband said it seemed too short when it was the length called for in the book. It is supposed to be 36 inches, but I added 10. I prefer the longer version, but in a pinch – if the party is tomorrow - 36 would do.

The yarn is remarkably soft and delightfully warm. An added bonus: It’s really cheap to mail because it’s so light!


Janice said...

The scarf is beautiful! Very elegant looking. It looks so soft!! Is it for you or a gift?

Jknits said...

It's for my grandma who is 85 years old and going strong. She lives in a nursing home and doesn't get out much. Still, I like to send her pretty things because she always enjoyed dressing up so much.