Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Introducing the Lucy

I saw the Lucy while on vacation last summer in Wisconsin. I hadn't yet knitted a felted bag but I was thinking about it. I bought the pattern and tucked it away for some day. I made a clutch from the One Skein book and then a rainbow purse for the International Exchange II. I tried the RunAbout bag and a tote from the One Skein for the International III. I even made a ball band bag. Through out it all, the Lucy bag sat there waiting so patiently for its turn. And finally, it was. I had this Noro begging for a pattern and a pattern begging to be knitted.

Casting on eight stitches in the round to get started was ever so difficult but it was quite simple once I got it going. A lot of increases and then straight stockingnette.

It's not the most practical of purses given how it closes. But it is a fun little purse to carry anyway.


stickchick said...

That is REALLY cute!! The colors are great!! Where did you get that awesome pin?!? Your bag turned out fabulous/pretty/neato!!!
What about bigger next time like a backpack and a flap to close like a backpack?

loribird said...

I love it! The colors are so pretty, and the little dog pin is very cute! (Yes, I realize I've said about the same thing as the last person that commented... no less heartfelt though)

Janice said...

oh.. I LOVE this bag!! I love the colors and the style and the fun pin that you added. I haven't bought this pattern yet (come close many times!!) but now I think I might have to!

Allison said...

It's just fabulou!!! I totally love the colors. It looks even better felted than when I "met" in in Know Fat!