Sunday, March 11, 2007

Just in time for spring

We're trying to rush in spring by knitting felted mittens - that's based on the idea of bringing an umbrella to ward off the rain. It may have worked, we hit 50 degrees today.

But, we did have three days of near-0 degree weather after the mittens were finished, so Zara got at least a little bit of use out of them in this season.

When they were done, before they were felted, I was sure they would end up being too big so I didn't pay close attention while felting. Thankfully, we checked them when we did because they felted wicked fast and were just the right size.

Thankfully, also, felting is forgiving. I discovered on this project that I was twisting stiches on the purl. As a result, I had lines of strangled stitches where I'd put in short rows. Never mind that it took two gloves and three sets of short rows to figure out that I was doing something wrong! I also started the thumb opening in the wrong spot. But to look at them, you'ld never know it.

The pockets came out okay. The top flaps should have been a little closer to the bottoms, but they'll do.

Best of all, the one who requested them is happy and actually kept them on her hands.

DD picked out the yarn - Cascade 220 and the buttons - that took almost as long the knitting!


loribird said...

(and the mittens are pretty cute too!)

stickchick said...

Super cute mittens and just the cutest model too!!

I really like the buttonflap accent, looks great!!

Danielle said...

Those are very cute!

Bonnie D. said...

Your daughter is such a cutie pie! What adorable mittens, too.