Monday, March 05, 2007

Vacation memories

If you look closely at these yarns, you can smell the salty air of the beach, hear the sounds of children laughing and feel the freedom of having no place to go and nothing to do. These are the yarns I bought while on various vacations last year.

I started the collection with a multi colored yarn bought on Newbury Street. I brougt the collection with me to every yarn store I visited and asked the owner for a recommendation of a yarn to add to the mix with the intention of making a scarf. Some were a little perplexed, most were extremely helpful. I love going into shops anyway and it was nice to have an excuse to buy something.

I'm knitting the scarf the long way using the "leave it to chance" method - rolling the die to determine which color is next and heads or tails to determine if it will be a knit or purl. I've cast on 150 stitches and I'm anticipating it to be about 5 feet long not counting the fringe.

Those who are astute might note that there are actually seven colors but only six numbers on a die- I'm pairing the yellow with one of the multi colors.
This is a swatch, just big enough to be a scarf for Barbi.

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loribird said...

What a cool way to keep the memories of a vacation close to mind! I like the "roll the dice" method of choosing yarns as well. Looks like it will be a fun project.