Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dangerous knitting

Could the scarf by cursed? Haunted by a jealous knitter? A challenge set in my path to help improve my character?

I finally figured it out and have been making great progress. It's not difficult when you actually read the directions.

But then tToday, while I was knitting it in an open Jeep while riding down the high way at 65 mph - maybe not the wisest of moves, but I really want to get the scarf done and the radio doesn't work. Everything went fine for awhile. Then someone, maybe me, shifted a bit and the wind picked up the ziploc bag in which I had all my stuff. It turns out a zip loc bag makes a great kite. It up and sailed right out of the jeep. I grabbed the project and hung on to the yarn, but the bag and the instructions just floated right away. My dh laughed and laughed (with me, not at me of course, right?)

I thought about walking up and down the highway, but it was about to rain and I'm not sure a knitting pattern is worth risking a life for.

The instructions are from my knitting pattern a day calendar, so I'm not sure where (if) I can find a copy. Thankfully, I've memorized the instructions and looked ahead to the end. I think I can figure it out (fingers crossed).

I will post pics when I get to a high speed wireless. I'm on dial up now...


Lisa L said...

Oh my goodness! I'll be laughing picturing this all afternoon!

Janice said...

Ok, I am trying to imagine this and it does bring a slight smile to my face.... (Ok, I admit I laughed...)
I can't wait to see the picture of the scarf.