Monday, July 09, 2007

For some reason, blogger won't let me post a title!

I've been knitting on the beach, at the fireworks, around the fire and in the cottage at night. I managed to get all the tote done in time to use the washing machine in the cottage a friend was renting before she left - just before she left. I was up until midnight knitting the pockets and I was literally standing at the machine pulling out the pieces as she locked up! Talk about a knitting deadline LOL

I've moved on to a geometrical scarf that consists of triangles knitted together with increases and decreases. It's fascinating and fun. The only problem is that I forgot/got confused/got too cockey and when it said KSS, I slipped a stitch, knit a stitch, passed slipped stitch over when I should have sliped a stitch, slipped a stitch, knit two together. Really would it have killed me to check a reference book a head of time? I've now done it wrong for 20 rows!? Will it matter? Should I frog? Should I keep going and hope it won't matter? Should I make myself repeat the decreases 20 times on scrap yarn (like having to write "I will check directions when I'm not 100 percent sure" on the chalk board?) Maybe I should just relax - it's just knitting and I am on vacation. I don't have to finish the scarf!

It's just that I bought a bunch of yarns to try some free form knitting and I kind of wanted to finish the scarf first. Why do I put all this pressure on me?


monica said...

Someone else mentioned that they couldn't post a title. That is so odd. Sounds like you are having a great vacation.

Janice said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful vacation. Knitting on the beach sounds wonderful!! I can't wait to see the tote you're making! I think you should set the scarf aside and pick up something that requires a little less concentration :-) (The scarf does sound neat, tho...)

Allison said...

I couldn't post titles yesterday either and couldn't today until the last minute before I posted - glad to know I'm not alone! I can't wait to see your tote either. I can just see you standing by the machine suggesting to your friend that she really ought to take one more trip around the house to make sure she didn't miss anything . . . . As to the scarf - I'd just go with it! It is your own personalization of the pattern! Hey you're on vacation - no need to make yourself crazy.