Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Them's knittin' words

As a wordsmith, I have found one of the interesting things about knitting to be the language we have created. Most of us quickly become familiar with the terms "frogging" and "tinking." Here are a few others I came across in a British magazine called creatively enough "Knitting":

In the Queue: Projects waiting to be knitted (I have plenty of those.)

KAT: knitting against time (I do that just a bit)

SEX: Stash enrichment expedition (hmmm...)

TOAD: Trashed object abandoned in disgust. (I haven't actually done this yet, but I've come close.)

SABLE: Stash accumulation beyond life expectancy. (I don't think I'm there, yet).

The picture is a close up of the beach-knit scarf. It really was a fun pattern once I got my head around how everything had to line up.


Danielle said...

It looks great. Where did you get the pattern?

Janice said...

I'm glad you showed a close up of this scarf! I love the pattern!
Also love some of the new terminology :-) I'll have to use SOME of them....

Allison said...

Oh my! Even though I have more than enough projects in the Queue and probably am coming close to SABLE I may engage in "SEX" this weekend at the Half Moon Bay yarn store I have always heard about but now it will have a whole new meaning! I love the scarf. Great yarn choice Mom!

monica said...

Youe scarf looks great I love the colrs. Love the new knitting terms.