Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Cake Dance and other lessons from a 2yo

My fourth youngest has started kindergarten, which has given me some enjoyable one-on-one time with my fifth youngest, now 2. I have learned some new things from her. Water is also known as lello, a suitcase is a kookcase and Dora is a bigger hero than Superman. But the most important thing I've learned lately is about making cakes.

When you make a cake, it is very important to first do the cake making dance. It's a little hopping, hip shaking, arm raising number that you are supposed to perform in the kitchen before you begin baking. It is a prelude to getting out the ingredients but can be expanded to include that step. The dance is performed with a song that goes something like this: (you get to make up the melody)

"We're going to make a cake, we're going to make a cake, we're going to m-a-k-e-a-c-a-k-e, MAKE A CAKE."

When properly performed, this dance and song help the cake rise higher, prevents burning and makes the cake tastier.

I've also learned that the world does not actually crumble if you got to toddler school in your pajamas, especially if it means getting your older sister to school on time.


loribird said...

Ah yes, the cake dance sounds very similar to the Jello dance we have here.
Glad you girls are having fun :)

cousin alice said...

I will have to modify that slightly for my "making cookies with the cousins" (planned for December 15). I will let everyone know it is a rite performed by the EastCoast arm of the Nash Clan.

Enjoy reading about the family, love to all!

Janice said...

I think you should make a video of you doing the cake dance. I think it could be quite popular on U-tube! ;-)