Monday, September 03, 2007

Funny Knitting

I launched into the lace shawl tonight. I only had to start over once (yeah) and that was just after 6 rows (yeah). That's very good because this yarn has just enough mohair to be very sticky. This is my first chart-reading project. It shows only the right half of the chart. The left half is knit as if looking in a mirror. Do you know how hard it is to knit while holding a mirror to the chart? Just kidding. I figured out to read from left to right and then back again. But the big victory of the night was finally figuring out that there is at the far right end of the chart a stitch that is supposed to be in the very middle separating the two center yarn overs. Why it is tucked off to the side, I'm not quite sure.

I put in my first lifeline. I decided I would relax more if I knew I wouldn't have to go immediately to jail without collecting my $200.

I have also learned this:
1 aug. Intercalaire means make a stitch
1 surget double means Sl2togKwise, K1, PSSo and
Pas de maille means no stitch

On a somewhat related subject - knitting - I've noted that there are few knitting jokes. I'm not sure why this would be since most of the knitters I've met seem to have a pretty good sense of humor. Most of us are able to laugh off our mistakes, albeit hours, days or weeks after the fact. Are we just too busy knitting to come up with some good lines? I'm on a mission to collect or make up a long list of jokes, amusing anecdotes and other yarn-related amusements. Since much of my entertainment comes from a 5 yo these days, I'll start with the most basic of set ups:

Why did the knitter cross the road?

Help me come up with some good answers and I promise to find some better lines!


loribird said...

Well, of course the answer would have to be, "To get to the other side (where there was a huge yarn shop with a fantastic sale...)"
So glad you're getting the lace worked out - et en francais aussi! Tres bien, et merci pour les traducions!
You have heard the joke about the knitter who attracted the attention of a police officer on the interstate? She was driving rather erratically, and didn't notice when he turned on the lights and siren, so he pulled up beside her yelling out the window, "Pull over! PULL OVER!" She smiled, holding up the work on her needles, and replied, "No, it's a cardigan!"

Janice said...

Hmmm, you have made a good point. One would think there would be a plethora of knitting jokes out there!
Why the knitter cross the road?? To avoid the FROG pond that was on her side. I don't know. Maybe knitting really isn't all that funny.......