Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Off to school

Today was our first day of Kindergarten. Actually, it was my only day - tomorrow my dd goes without me. This was just and hour-long introduction. The kids flitted about the room while the teary-eyed parents hovered around the edges shaking their heads about how fast these first five years have flown by!

On the way into the school, I grabbed my camera and said out loud, "Am I going to be the only geeky mom with a camera?"

"Yes, you will be mom," the helpful kindergartner confirmed. Then she added, "It's okay, you won't be the only geeky mom - just the only geeky mom with a camera."

I was relieved when a few moments later she said, "What does geeky mean?"

Geeky or not, I felt compelled to record this momentous occasion.

After class, we called Grandpa. "What did you learn?" he asked.

"I didn't learn anything," she said. "They don't teach you anything on the first day."

I think she was expecting to learn how to read.

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Janice said...

Congratulations on surviving sending another off to Kindergarten! I remember always being excited for them.. but sad to have to admit my 'baby' was growing up.
I bet she'll learn to read on the second day....