Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Block heatd

It's funny that my good friend Holly Jo mentioned blocking wires in her comment to my last post since as I was unpinning my scarf I thought more experienced knitters would be looking at my feeble attempts at blocking and think that I need blocking wires!.

Instead I have points sticking out all along what are supposed to be straight edges! Blocking made it lay flatter, but it took out the sproing. That's something for me to keep in mind for future projects.

I also discovered a needed improvement to my design (some might call it a flaw) the scarf was made with a series of different patterns. I have this great distinctive heart design on one end but on the other is more subtle knit and purl design. There is another lace panel, but it falls where the scarf is wrapped around my neck, so it isn't really visible. I'm not terribly bothered by this - it's just a lesson-learned sort of thing. Interestingly, I found a dropped stitch during the blocking process - it hasn't run away, just slipped down a few rows.
On a side note - I broke down and bought a big box of swiffer covers. I love the idea of a knitted alternative, but in reality I'm not convinced it worked as well. You can see that it doesn't look quite so pretty after a few washes. I'm not convinced that we weren't mostly just pushing the dirt around. Maybe it would work if you had several and could change them midway through the job. Maybe it would work if you don't have children who don't bother to change covers whether they're disposable or not! I think I'll stick to knitting wearables for now.

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