Thursday, April 09, 2009

blocking schmocking

My technique on blocking the scarf may not have been great, but I'm sure it was at least pretty close to what I'm supposed to do - but alas, it still didn't work. The scarf still rolls more than I'd like it too. Oh well, on to the next project....

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ninou77 said...

Hi Jen!

I like the colour of your scarf! it's great to mix different lace pattern! I will try it after my baby cables pullover, my top Juliet and my North Roe!
It's a good opportunity not to get bored of one project!
I can't advice you regarding blocking scarves..I like the edges being not so straight!!
Do you know very soon will be the first anniversary of you Parisian trip??
It's amazing!
I'm sorry not sharing with you more ideas, emails, etc;;because I really enjoy it...But the time pass so fast!
For this anniversary, I want to spend you something about France and something which help you to improve your French!$
I will see!