Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm still here

I'm still here - if anyone is looking for me - don't dispair. I've been swamped with work and coping with teenagers but I'm still smiling (most of the time).

I've not been knitting nearly as much as I'd like although I still think about it quite a bit. I did manage before the snow melted to finish the mittens 3yo dd requested. She picked out the color and explained to me what they should look like. They match a hat made earlier in the season. It's a great way to use up left over yarns. The mittens are started on scrap yarn and then felted. the cuff is made by cutting out the scrap yarn and picking up yarn through the holes left behind. She was very pleased and hasn't even lost one.

I also made the hand towel from the new Mason Dixon book. This is a great project - you cast on something like 90 stitches and then decrease by two every other row so it goes faster and faster as you get toward the end. I really like that it has a button. I've attached it to the stove and it doesn't go walking away like every other dish towel in the kitchen!

In the midst of all the craziness, we had a birthday. Despite my best efforts, my six year old wen ahead and turned seven!. Seven!? I must have been in denial because the whole cake decorating thing slipped my mind. Thank goodness her birthday comes right after Easter - Jelly Beans work quite nicely in a pinch.
As promised I took her to the trapeze to celebrate. She had such a worried look on her face when we arrived and such a huge smile by the end of her lesson! She's ready to go agin as soon as possible. Her dad was worried that she would be too scared - silly daddy, she's the daughter of two daredevil parents - not a chance in the world.
Suddenly today, summer struck in Boston. It's as if the sun suddenly remembered we're here and took pity on us. I'm thrilled - not a complaint in the world except that I'm not quite done with the angora scarf that I started way back when it seemed that winter was never going to be over. I have just the grafting left but no incentive to do it. I could just tuck it away for next year. That's not a good idea, is it? No, I think I just need to bite the needle (so to speak) and dive right in. Is it purl on knit off or Knit off purl on?
Happy happy spring!


Holly Jo said...

Seven? Seven sounds so old. She is amazing to go on the trapeze. :)

Stay sane. Spring seems crazy everywhere.

Dorothy said...

Trapeze lessons my be the coolest gift EVER! Way to go Mom!