Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Poison Toys

My dd 5, is pretty well traumatized by the Aqua Dot recall. It was high on her Christmas list so we had to explain to her why she wouldn't be getting them. She took it in pretty well but the little wheels in her head started turning. A few days later she said, "Mom, if I see anything that I want on a commercial, don't get it for me because it might be poisonous." Then she asked if I would have to take away the markers that she just got. Then she said she didn't think she should go over to a friend's house because she might have toys that are poisonous! It's so sad that our children have to be worried about this. Can I sue for pain and suffering even if I didn't actually buy the toy?

I've finished clue 2 on my Secrets of the Stole and I'm 20 rows into clue 3. It's keeping my attention, but it's very slow going - I'm lucky if I can get six rows in during one episode of Heros. It doesn't help that the show sometimes has subtitles!


Holly Jo said...

Isn't it awful? I have really avoided telling my 5 yo because he would be the same way. Something like 80% of all toys in the US are made in China. Sometimes the greed of corporations is disheartening.

ninou77 said...

I understand very well what you think!! It's really sad and disgusting... I think it's better to tell children the truth... they will know it one day anyway.

I would like to see your stole on the needles!!

will try to finish it in 15 december... but I only finish clue 1. But I reeally want to wear it for the new year!!