Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Knitting in Trees

Do you watch Men in Trees? I've seen it a few times but not enough to know any of the names - I did note, however, in a recent episode that the heroine, a writer, was knitting, yes knitting, a sweater for her man, who was lost at sea - a fact she didn't learn until the end of the episode. Do the writers of the show know about the Boyfriend curse?

It was a nice sweater - ribbed from the looks of it. I couldn't tell if it was on circular needles, however. DH was amused that I was so attuned to the details. "Is she doing it right?" he asked.

I launched into yet another project (why o why? I just can't help myself) Fashionably Late in '08 Clapotis. It's a KAL and I just can't resist them. I love knitting with other knitters, I guess. It will be in pinks - yarn my mama brought me from Australia. I'm finding it to be very soft to knit with. I started it to say I've started it... but first: Must finish half-mitts for friend and lacy scarf for friend.

The mittens are the ones I wrote about before. They are the first pair I've made for myself. The thumb opening is a little short and they are probably a little long, but I love them anyway. The colors worked together as well as I had hoped. And I got them done just time for spring :) It's okay - we're not out of the woods yet and winter always comes back.

Notice that they are laying on a gorgeous bamboo floor? DH really went to town and is nearly done with it. I'll post pics when the room is cleaned up a bit more.


Lisa L said...

You're going to love the Clapotis! Trust me! My tip on the pattern is to not worry about using markers. Just purl the stitch that is to be dropped instead. You'll know exactly where you are in the pattern!

ninou77 said...

I like your mittens! Especially the colour! Very nice!