Monday, October 27, 2008

Can you measure the severity of the coming winter by the number of hats a knitter feels compelled to knit in the fall? The leaves are turning, the air is crisp and I am driven by some inexplicable force to knit hats. It started with the little hats for the Innocent people then I knit the hat I'd been contemplating for my husband for months. There's was another for my secret pal and then one for Cori and one for me. And I've got a hankering to make more!

This one for the 3yo is by far the most fun of the whole batch. She designed it herself. She picked out the pink yarn from the store and then she went stash diving. It was fun to watch - she knew exactly which ones she wanted and which ones she didn't. Then we had to settle on the design. She turned down so many that I thought she didn't really know what she wanted. Finally, I drew out every possible shape and brim combination I could imagine. Right away she pointed to one. I showed her the drawing three more times, just to make sure. By the last time I think she thought I was totally scatter brained to not be able to remember which one she wanted! The only problem is that I almost don't want her to wear it because I'm so afraid she'll lose it. She has a habit of taking her hats off and walking away.
Mine is a lace edged cap with beads added for a little extra glamour.
I learned something about hat decreases - I didn't follow the patterns since I didn't have it with me. Instead, I decided to just wing it. I had 84 stitches, which meant starting the decrease with 6 groups of 14 stitches or 14 groups of 6 stitches. I chose the latter. I should have chosen the former. My top is okay but it's a tad bumpy because of having so many sections.
The yarn is Ella Rae, which I bought a long time ago to make a felted bowl that I never got around to making. I'm glad, because I love it for the hat. It's soft and comfy. A joy to knit with and to wear - I think it will be anyway. Ironically after my hat knitting flurry, it hasn't been cold enough for hats!
Soon enough, I'm sure.


marisa said...

I love the pattern of the second hat. It's really beautiful.

Allison said...

I just love her hat and she looks so proud wearing it! So did you just add the other yarns ever so many rows and purl instead of knit? What an easy but totally gorgeou effect! I love the lace one too - yours looks better than the one I made - did you block the lace?

Bonnie D. said...

Her hat is adorable! And I love yours, too. I think I've made that lace edged hat a couple times. It's a great pattern and the beads make it extra special.

hasbu said...

Her hat is very cute! I still haven't gotten around to knitting the pink mittens for my son... I really should!