Thursday, October 09, 2008

Pure Mutt, Pure Fun

Check out this handsome pup. And isn't that a lovely collar? It's sturdy too. And I'm not just saying that because we won it in a blog contest!

It was run by a fellow knitter and dog lover at Lapdog Creations . Check out her blog for photos of some darling dogs and some fun knitting.

Pure Mutt is a line of dog and dog lover products to promote the adoption of homeless shelter dogs. A portion of the proceeds goes to support Abandoned Pet Rescue. A good dog deserves a good home, right?
We really needed a good collar since he'd worn his on a recent roll on a dead fish. It took several washings just to get the smell of him.

Watson is a tennis ball addict. He will play for hours - maybe longer - we always give up before he does! If he can't find a whole ball, he'll settle for whatever tiny piece he can get his teeth on. The saddest thing is when he chews them until there is a tiny hole and then brings them out to the water where they sink. He doesn't understand the concept and swims around looking for his ball!

On the day of these photos, we had reasonably warm weather and the sun was shining bright. My 3yo rediscovered her witches hat from last year and is just as thrilled with it as the day we found it in the store! She was going to be a princess for Halloween, but has switched to being a witch.
The bigger kids are hunting for crabs. Much to the crabs' dismay, they found quite a few.


Nichole said...

Watson looks great!!! So glad the collar fits him so well too! :)

Holly Jo said...

It does look like a really sturdy collar. Will see lots of action obviously. :)

Love the picture of the witch in the grass - too classic.

Beth said...

This post from today is about the puppy we just got from a shelter. How timely!

(Gorgeous dog, by the way :-))

Allison said...

Sounds like a fabulous day. I love the photos - especially the one of Watson!