Monday, April 06, 2009

Extra Credit?

Do I get bonus points for reblocking a knitted item? I made this great "sampler" scarf last year out of a gorgeous alpaca. The length and width are perfect but it rolls into a thin piece of fabric hiding the delightful patterns. I tried this time giving it a good soak and then pinning it out on a spare mattress. I'm not 100 percent certain I'm doing this right, but I don't think I'm doing any harm.
Hopefully, it won't be needed much longer anyway, although the weatherman says to leave winter wear out a bit longer. We're supposed to be in the 40s this week. Today it rained so hard they had to postpone the Red Sox home opener - One more day for Red Sox nation to get excited!

1 comment:

Holly Jo said...

I totally would give you credit.

You know, I used to think blocking wires were kind of a joke. Then I witnessed someone use them in a class for blocking lace. Awesome.