Thursday, April 02, 2009

What should I have done?

There's a great web site where you can send a message to yourself in the future - You write all about the fun you are having or not having, your hopes and dreams for yourself and fun little messages like -stay as cool as you are right now and if John X knocks on your door DO NOT answer it, or whatever you feel like you should remind yourself. It's a real kick to hear from who you were a year or more ago.

But, wouldn't it be even more wonderful if you could send a message to you in the past?
Mine would be something like this:

Don't buy that shaggy pink yarn - it will sit in a bowl on your desk for years and you will have no idea what to make with it but will horribly guilty for not making something.

Buy 7 skeins of Cascade 220 in pink, 7 in purple and 7 in (????) while they are sale at Webs Anniversary sale because you will need them in the fall.

Don't even bother casting on for another Knitted Babe because as cute as everyone else's are, yours have scary eyes and the hair takes forever so it will sit unfinished in your drawer for years - again making you feel guilty every time you see it.

Go ahead and cast on for the Secret of the Stole but don't even bother trying to make the deadlines for it. That will drive yourself crazy. You will learn a ton from doing it and you will finish it eventually.

When aren't sure about how things are going with your boyfriend Al, relax - you're going to be happily married to him for many, many years to come.


Danielle said...

That's an interesting idea! :) On the knitting front, though, it is just a hobby...Don't let it make you feel bad!! I have been casting on like a crazy person lately and am having such fun.

Holly Jo said...

How funny you mentioned this! My husband has been searching for his letter he wrote for himself back in high school. :)

Yes. Shaggy pink yarn - always a challenge. Would love to see the Secret of the stole too. :)