Thursday, September 17, 2009

quick escapes

I'm slammed on deadline for my grown up work this week which has meant very little time for crafting and lots of stress. My relief in times like this is to take peeks at what everyone else is doing and to live vicariously through them.

I have found a site that is worth sharing because it's like a gateway to what everyone else is doing. It is Whip Up - a collection of other crafters tutorials, book reviews and the like. Seeing what everyone else has done makes me want to spend my days doing nothing but sewing and knitting and creating gorgeous things. (I'm even thinking about making a quilt - although I suspect it's more about wanting to have a quilt than wanting to put together a kazillion little squares no matter how beaufitul the fabric.)

Beware before you go to the site - it's easy to get lost wandering from one link to the next.

Now, I MUST get back to work so that I can get enough done so I can get back to doing some actual knitting instead of just dreaming about it.

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Lisa L said...

This site is a time sucker!