Wednesday, September 23, 2009

slow cook recipe worth trying

Finally, I found a slow cooker recipe that doesn't require a lot of pre cooking! It truly is one of those just throw it in the pot sorts. It calls for peanut butter and in my book anything that calls for peanut butter is probably good.
I didn't have salsa on hand so I subbed a can of tomato sauce, tomatos and onion. I also added extra peanut butter because I really like peanut butter.

I thought this was a great recipe and DH liked it too. I think dd 15 would have liked it but she isn't home for dinner. DDs 4 and 7 were not at all keen on it and chose to eat celery and peanut butter as a main course instead. DS who has been coming home super hungry from football wouldn't even try it. I'm trying not to take that personally.

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