Friday, February 26, 2010

dog gone it

Isn't she cute? It's gosh darn lucky for her that she is, cause...
This is how I think yarn should be:

This is how my puppy Purl thinks it should be:

Thankfully, it isn't one of those kinky yarns that folds in on itself and gets all tangeld so I was able to undo the damage with relative ease. (Thank goodness also for the ball winder - if I didn't already have one, I'd certainly be getting one!)

I'm not sure what this yarn will become. I bought it for the capitan's hat, but in looking at the pattern again, I think it is just a tad too bulky. Maybe the yarn harlot's unoriginal pattern.

1 comment:

Holly Jo said...

Puppies are particularly cute when they are other people's puppies. :) She didn't chew through the yarn...just messed it up?